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Allah Is One
يا الله
يارسول الله
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16.M.Uk Kik me Bash_78658 or ask me what ever you want
"Send me a "♥" if I'm one of your favorite blogs ". Probably that's why the anon send you a heart lol you should thank him

Ohhh i didnt know i think its cause im on mobile so i didnt see the love heart cause it came as a blank message
Sorry anon and thank you

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Whats your problem

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what ur average tragedy looks like after 100 years

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im in love with the sky

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"The difference between childhood and adulthood"

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Autumn picture made by my bestfriend <3

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are you pakistani ?


Is this Tumblr ? are you anon ? 

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Let’s hope the humility of hajj rubs off and remains after the end of the season ..
Islam doesn’t only promote equality during religious rituals .. It promotes equality in everything that concerns life and coexistence !

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Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts

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