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Allah Is One
يا الله
يارسول الله
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I miss nabeel maliks tumblr i hope he remakes

There was one post that made me crack up for like 10 mins and it was abt eyeliner and it was like

"Winged eyeliner looks like churails came from qubristan"


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Even the nature around us
is fully aware of His existence.

Every plant bows down to Allah,
every animal breathes at His command,
every wave of the sea cries His name
and every cloud opens for His sake.

So tell me please;
why should I deny Him

when I am a part of a world
whose only purpose is
to obey
Al-Qahhar, The Subduer?

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"She’s 67 years old"

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In college, a guy tried to pull a hijab off a girls head. My friend and I saw him and beat him up. Some teachers stopped us and they took us to the head teacher’s office. The head teacher had CCTV footage of us beating the guy up and said “do you have anything to say?” My friend asked if he could have a copy of the video. We got suspended.

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I’m far away and I can’t see your smile but I can hear it. I can almost touch it. The sound of your smile gives me serenity and ecstasy. Out of town, out of mind, out of sight but never out of love.
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You asked me
“Who is Allah?”
as though you never saw
His signs.

I looked upwards and said:

"He is the One who paints
the sky in various colors,
Who draws the sun and the moon
wherever and whenever He wants,
The One who dabs them
together with the stars
to perfect constellations.”

"He is Al-Hasib, The Sufficient
The One Who takes account
of the galaxy and you.”

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"A legend was born that day"

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